Steel Construction Systems
Why Steel ?
Kumlama Nedir Nasıl Yapılır ?
Kumlamanın Derecelendirilmesi
Steel, building materials systems to be unique in terms of usability, yet in many countries and rights in Turkey is not able to find the place. For this reason, steel system in our country too many applications are not subtle. However, the engineering technology developed in many countries, especially in high buildings, bridge, the industrial structure and architecture in recent years, especially from the artistic features in the first preferred construction material with "steel" is.

So, the choice of steel material to suggest the reasons why the steel construction, let the ranking: :

.Reliability: A big part of the territory located in the earthquake, and a close in the past we have lost thousands of our citizens, tens of thousands left homeless by the earthquake to make home ownership in our country, what is regrettable that, even without the earthquake affected the buildings destroyed are witnessing. Review of the reasons this building is demolished, a common cause to occur: poor quality and non-standard concrete production.
Although the recent interest of Structure and Control Act of concrete production and control under control was to be taken is that the control only over the samples can be made and steel as standard and a rigid fabricated production can not be possible (which is concrete, steel, concrete and reinforced concrete by the merger to create systems with details The problems are increasing), concrete systems, the problem appears related to the first. Of course, static and concrete, accounts and procedures for compliance with standards made in the same way will not have this problem on systems, will provide the concrete system in a secure way taşıyıcılık. But essentially the problem, the difficulties described above for the production control.
Steel construction of buildings, an advantage that they are safe enough that even in case of collapse of large living space is left. Lighter than steel and concrete because the material is Sune.

.Forms can be provided: Steel material, can be given in terms of form does not recognize, such as concrete molds required, especially for engineers in industry structure, such as irregular structure, the architect of the art structure to be made because the first choice. Moreover, an outlet, such as molds and concrete should be expected period, in terms of time to bring out the steel. In the form of steel structure single limit your imagination. As a general illusion, a very rough calculation, the unit cost structure of steel construction, other building systems, structures are assumed to be higher. However, steel construction;
- Especially in industrial structure, can be adapted easily to non-standard formats,
- Labor is much more complete in a short time, the building will open to business more quickly, 
- Can be applied in any weather conditions, 
- It is lightweight, requires less transportation costs, 
- Light is the bad can be applied even in the ground, the basic cost is lower, it is easy to check, you can check its earthquake safety.  

- Small cross-section is possible with large openings to carry loads.

For these reasons, steel construction products is an option I Contrary to many economic. 
.  Grand Opening, Small Section:  Much larger openings in concrete, much smaller and more abundant alternatives and lower sections can be passed with zatî weight, and portable due to increased loads. As a natural result of this, the basic dimensions are smaller and more in bad ground, larger structures can be built. Steel structure systems, the ground floor consists entirely of columns (!) Is not possible to have multi-storey high buildings. Buildings are low zatî weight, high buildings, even on the ground floor columns of the cross-section, reinforced concrete system appears much smaller than the cross sectional size. Because of these features steel reinforcement project in edilmekedir often preferred.

.  Material Conversion: Another advantage of steel structures, material recycling is possible. Lose purposes a building, another structure was dismantled in the carrier system can be used. Be done as a temporary structure, with steel construction should be considered. If a steel building materials, scrap will not be available even if the value is.

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